October 30, 2023 Autoshield 0 Comment

You may not get the cheapest quotes from the online-compare websites because these sites are normally setup by non-General Insurance Certified Individuals who may not be able to provide sound advices to consumers. Auto / Vehicle / Car Insurance (whatever term we call it) is a complicated product especially when the need to request for a claim arises. The cost to purchase vehicle insurance comes in hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is only fair that you receive sound recommendation based on the type of policy that you are interested in.

Certain online-compare websites act as a lead generation channel. They may not be providing an accurate quote despite having you filled in your vehicle’s information and driver’s profile. What they provide is an estimation of the quote because they are unable to link their system to the insurer’s system for the accurate quote. Since they are not certified to provide advisory on your vehicle insurance needs, going through an online channel may equate to no support when you need help.

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