Solar Film
Autoshield Solar Films will exceed your expectations with our superior products and performance for your automobile vehicle, home and office. Unlike others, our reasonably priced high quality USA made films aim to protect and bring comfort to your eyes, skin and assets (vehicle interior, home furnishing and leather sofa such) by filtering out excessive glare emitted from the sun. Cutting down the unbearable heat in Singapore, these high performance films cool your vehicle, home and office more efficiently thus reducing fuel and electricity consumption. Shielding you from the harmful UV rays, reducing the high temperature from greenhouse effect, enhancing the overall aesthetics and improving the comfort of your life and your loved ones, investing in a Autoshield Solar Films is a must and a wise choice to make.

Diamond Series (Quickest Heat Dissipation)
Nano Ceramic Solar film rejects up to 99% heat rejection and 99.9% of the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays at 380 nanometres. This helps to prolongs the colour and durability of your vehicle’s cabin, home furniture and office finishes. Our Nano Ceramic multi-layered window film that minimize hot spots to keep its occupants comfortable and happy. The Nano Ceramic Solar Films are scratch resistant and are 100% metal-free which ensures no corrosion of the window film and no interference with telecommunication signal frequencies like mobile phone or Wi-Fi reception. From the safety aspect, Nano Ceramic film does not have metallic content, which means it reduces the reflectivity of the glass to minimize blur vision under light unlike conventional reflective films. Nano Ceramic Window film is the highest quality film that improves comfort due to maximum heat reduction, has the highest IR rejection as compared to other films.

A must has solar film for those who seeks maximum comfort with its quickest heat dissipation technology which translates into significant saving over a period of time

Sapphire Series (Highest UV protection)
Sapphire Series UV400 Solar Film is a multi-layered window film which can dramatically reduce the heat and glare from the sun, making your vehicle, room or office conservatory feel much more comfortable, whilst still allowing a clear view. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, solar films that blocks out UV rays help to reduce the risk of skin cancer and protect your eyes against cataract. Ultraviolet is a harmful ray that is invisible and harmful when expose to it over an extensive period of time. Not only it saves you from the hefty air conditioning electricity bill in our sunny island, it lowers the risk of skin cancer and protect you against cataract with its unique capability to block up to 100% UV Rays at 400 nanometers. Highly recommended for people with fair or sensitive skin. Also suitable for those who seeks for high visibility with greatest protection against the harmful UV rays as our ozone layer gets wider.

Suitable for vehicles with expensive interior | leather or usually park under the sun. Good for homes with children, old folks and sun facing properties.

Gold Series (Most Economical Choice)
Economical and practical, these solar films are commonly used by the automobile car dealers to help block heat under hot weather, prevent glare and block decent amount of harmful UV rays. It provides the same aesthetic as the high end solar films and provides more than 3 years of comfort. Suitable for cars above 5 years old or owners who do not have the intend to keep their wheels for long. The darker shade option is good to block out glare for homes and offices at very affordable pricing.

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