LTA/ ERP Fines

For (ERP) fines, the violator must pay the ERP charges plus a $10 administration fee within two weeks of the notice.

Renewing My HDB Season Parking

Season parking ticket must be renewed by 27th of the existing ticket’s expiry month, or you will not be allowed to renew after this date.

AXS Online

AXS e-Station brings to you the available bills, fines, prepaid card top-up and selected eServices on AXS Station over the internet.

COE Results

The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) is the quota licence for owning a vehicle in Singapore.

ERP Rates

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is a system used to manage road congestion in Singapore.

Traffic Cameras

The images captured by the cameras are beamed directly to the Traffic Police headquarters

Carpark Charges

You can search for car park rates at over 1000 carparks, malls, and office buildings on

Business Reply Envelope

Dear Autoshield, I am providing you the following information to obtain my quotes.

Speed Cameras

The cameras use a mixture of laser and radar sensors to nab errant motorists.

Get My Vehicle Information

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) spearheads land transport developments in Singapore.