October 30, 2023 Autoshield 0 Comment

Life Insurance Agents generally earn more when they seal a deal i.e. as high as 60% of your premium paid. On the other hand, General Insurance Agent merely profit 10%-15% from a case they closed.
With the above, Life Insurance Agents usually focus on soliciting Life, Saving, Investment Link, Endowment policies and such. General Insurance products are not their forte. A Life Insurance Agent will usually not have the bandwidth to service more than 20 customers in a month. In fact, if they could close 5-10 deals a month, they are already considered high performer.

General Insurance Agent’s margins are lower thus they have to work harder to service 30-50 clients in a month in order to survive. It is given that a General Insurance Agent will have both speed and bandwidth to assist you with your quotes, renewals and claim matters in the area of motor insurance. Besides, Car/ Uber/ Grab/ Home/ Maid/ Travel/ Public Liability/ Group Medical/ SME/ Business and all other General Insurance are the areas where General Insurance Agent specialised in.

Autoshield is a local company that specialised in General Insurance. Being the motor insurance leader in Singapore, we are able to offer the most competitive rate in town.

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