October 30, 2023 Autoshield 0 Comment

A vehicle with front bumper hitting a third party i.e. another vehicle, pedestrian or any other third party’s asset is commonly being assessed to be the party at fault.

A side collusion i.e. brushing of vehicle’s door against another vehicle’s door will be awarded a 50%-50% claim entitlement.

Last vehicle of a chain accident may have to bear the repair costs for all the vehicles in-front.

  1. Always remain calm when you are involved in an accident. Check for injuries on your passengers and yourself. Call for an ambulance if need be.
  2. Check for traffic before alighting from your vehicle. Assess the condition of the drivers/ passengers of other involved vehicle (if any).
  3. Proceed to snap a few quick but detailed photo of all vehicles involved (including vehicle numbers, road condition, traffic and such).
  4. Exchange particulars of all drivers. Get a name card when possible.
  5. Make a police report if there are body injuries.
  6. Regardless you are claiming on your insurance policy, you must report the incident to your insurer within 24 hours. Failing which, the insurer may decline to pay for the losses.

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