October 30, 2023 Autoshield 0 Comment

1. Front and back collusion

If your vehicle knocked onto the front vehicle, you will be at the losing end in most instances unless you are able to provide evidence (such as dash cam with video or eye witness (es) to prove that the vehicle in front is “playing braking game”. The main reason why the vehicle behind will be at fault is because he fails to ensure a safety distance. Remember what does basic theory teach you? 10km of speed = 1 car length. If you are traveling at speed of 50km, you are to keep a 5-car length distance.

Generally, apart from the Land Transport Authority, Traffic Police, EMAS, NTUC Income Orange Force and tow truck sent by your own insurance company/ workshop, do not allow your vehicle to be towed illegally.

2. Side collusion

Side collusion commonly occurs when a driver drifted out of their lane or when changing lane. In most cases without videos and photos evidence, both parties will be assigned 50%-50% at fault. This means that you will have to claim your own insurance, affecting your NCD and premium upon renewal.

During such accident, it will be good to have your dash cam’s video ready coupled with photos that capture the cars’ positions and the lane marking. If an NTUC Income Orange Force Officer is around, he may be able to help in advising you the procedure.

3. Chain accident
When a chain accident occurred, the last vehicle usually takes majority of the blame. Do remember to take pictures of all involved vehicles and take note of the total number of drivers and passengers present. Exchange particulars and call your insurer’s 24-hour accident reporting hotline to declare the accident. For NTUC Income Policy holder, you may call 6789 5000 for advice. When available, they may send a NTUC Income Orange Force Officer down to the site to help you out.