Existing Solutions for Everyday Problems

AIDE Conception

In the 21st century, the world is constantly changing at a very fast speed. Opportunities are everywhere! Our team at the Conception wing analyses industries and markets to identify these opportunities and quickly convert them into a profit making technology solution. The push to develop solutions does not come from clients but rather from the motivation of wanting to solve a problem in an industry where there is potential. The wing holds a portfolio of applications.


The first of its kind solution for coaches/tutors to manage all student relevant data in one app. From scheduling, to sending reminders, to tracking of packages and payments, to providing and receiving feedbacks on past sessions and many more!

ORD Countdown

ORD Countdown 5.0 is an enhanced version which works as a useful reminder for all guys serving the nation. It is packed with tons of helpful features which takes into account leave, offs-in-lieu and extra duties! It is the most downloaded ORD countdown app in the Google Play Store.


Get your hourly (3 hours average) PSI reading. Speedy, simple and no fuss! Get it here!