Enterprise Resource Planning

Prior to the implementation of any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for your company, we will have discuss and help identify both the specific and broad business needs for your business. We believe it is important to understand the operational and strategic direction for your firm, before formulating a sensible CRM implementation, with Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) aspects as necessary, which will be suited for your firm’s timeline and budget. Part of this process will involve an in-depth examination of the current processes of your firm, identification of any process issues or bottlenecks, and overall goals and objectives, and subsequently work with you to devise a best-practice based approach to rolling out your new CRM system.

With a greater understanding of your firm’s challenges and situation, Plexure will undertake and present a feasibility study which both analyses the business challenges to be tackled and company goals to be achieve. Based on that, we will draft up a proposed solution for your company, which includes the customized CRM solution, illustrate the benefits its implementation will provide, present a structural overview of the CRM solution and also outline the costs and timeline for its implementation.

A demo and presentation of the proposed CRM solution can also be arranged, which can be helpful in providing stakeholders with further clarity and understanding of the propose of implementation of a new CRM system.