Although having a car can get so expensive in Singapore including the stuff entailed in having a four-wheeled vehicle like gas, maintenance, car insurance..

5 Important Reasons of Having Car Insurance

Although having a car can get so expensive in Singapore ─ including the stuff entailed in having a four-wheeled vehicle like gas, maintenance, car insurance, and etc. ─ there are still a lot of people who make it as their investment. One good reason to this is the fact that having a vehicle, whether a car or a motorcycle, allows people to get from one place to another, hence car is a convenient.

While it can give you comfort and convenience in traveling or attending to your work, we also should consider that driving can get too risky. Even if you are a pro driver who obeys all traffic laws and regardless of the fact that you have the best car insurance, you cannot guarantee a 100% percent safety. However, you can’t simply disregard getting private car insurance due to some important factors.

1. It is mandated by the law

Despite the fact that car insurance payments can be costly, depending on the policies you signed up for, it is important to note that the state requires every individual with a vehicle to buy car insurance. Not having your car insured is equivalent to not being able to drive your auto on any roads of Singapore as it is stated by Law Transport Authority under the Third-Party Risks and Compensation if Motor Vehicle’s Act.

Insisting to drive without car insurance will not only have your driver’s license taken away but you would also need to pay a large amount for a fine ─ which can be up to S$1,000, imprisonment up to 3 months, or both upon conviction.

2. It could save you thousands of dollars

Having and driving a car along the busy roads of Singapore can be too dangerous and could lead to unexpected expenses should you get involved in an accident. At this point, having car insurance with liability coverage, accident benefits, and collision coverage can be your life-saver. The financial and medical assistance that you can enjoy in times of accidents is enough to compensate for your car insurance fee.

3. It protects yourself and others

While there some accidents that can only cause you minor harm, there are accident occurrences that can be really serious, which can even cost you an inability to return to work or, worse, can cost a life. In cases like these, your car insurance acts as a blessing in disguise as it helps you cover for unforeseen expenses like extended medical care. If you have liability coverage, you can even have your assets protected from bodily injury lawsuits made against you.

4. It is more than just for collisions

Not because you’re a safe driver doesn’t mean you don’t need to have car insurance at all ─ although car insurers offer additional benefits for those who will keep safe driving. This is due to the fact that auto insurance only covers you from collisions but also in cases wherein your car got stolen, vandalized, or destroyed in a fire.

5. You can customize your policy

Another good thing about car insurance you can customize your policy that will fit your current lifestyle with the help of local insurance providers. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a quote that won’t match what you exactly need, as you can always have added features for better protection.

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