Since a motorcycle doesn’t come with safety features unlike with cars, having motorcycle insurance is a life-saver.

5 Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance in Singapore

Given the small size of a motorcycle compared to four-wheeled vehicles, it indeed is a great choice of transportation for it makes navigating on some of the narrow roads in Singapore a lot easier. Not to mention the thrill it gives to the person riding on it. That’s why it is not surprising many are choosing to ride on two wheels regardless of the higher risk of accidents that entail in it.

Speaking of a motorcycle is risky, the traffic statistics from the Singapore Police Force illustrated that the accidents involving motorcycle riders have increased by 1.9 percent during the first half of 2018. This does not include traffic fatalities involving motorcyclists.

With these facts, one can already comprehend that riding a motorcycle is truly risky, which is why taking extra measures that will guarantee a safe ride is important. Since a motorcycle doesn’t come with safety features unlike with cars, having motorcycle insurance is a life-saver.

However, we can’t put aside the fact that though motorbike insurance is required by the Land Transport Authority, there are still some riders who refuse to have one given the notably high cost of insurance coverage in Singapore. In case you belong to the percentage of riders who don’t consider getting your two wheels insured, remember that the consequences you might get into once you’re caught without insurance.

To enlighten you more about motorcycle insurance, here are some of its benefits.

1. Liability for accidents where you are at fault

No matter how cautious you are, accidents can still happen, and the worse is it can occur at times when you least expect it. Traffic accidents can result in damage to property, bodily injury, and/or, in some cases, can cost the life (lives) of the person (people) involved in the accidents. In a case like this, insuring your motorcycle could help in financial terms, even if you are found to be at fault.

2. Coverage for accidents when you are the victim

Not all motorists on the road have their vehicles insured ─ some might be underinsured. That’s is why getting motorcycle insurance which includes underinsured/uninsured coverage is important, most especially if you happen to get involved in an accident and the at fault driver can’t cover you with the injuries and damages given that (s)he doesn’t have motor insurance.

3. Protection against medical costs and damages

Imagine yourself riding an insured motorcycle and you happen to get involved in a traffic accident. This can be a nightmare that comes into reality considering that you will have to pay for the repairs and/or replacement of your motorcycle, as well as the medical expenses in case you get injured. The worse thing can happen if the accident you get involved with resulted in injury or death to a third party. But by having a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy from one of the best insurance companies in Singapore, this can be taken care of, whether you or a third party is at fault.

4. Protection against theft

The downside of owning a motorcycle, and even cars, not only starts and ends when you get involved in a traffic accident but also the moment your vehicle become a subject to theft. Although the Annual Crime Brief of Singapore Police Force showed a decline statistics of motor vehicle theft in the recent years, getting a third party, fire, and theft, otherwise known as a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy is important.

5. Exclusive benefits

Whether you like it or not, vehicle breakdown can happen to every motorist at some point in life. In a scenario like this, your insurance provider can help in terms of shouldering the cost of calling in breakdown assistance, as well as the towing of your motorbike to the nearest repair center.

Same as with car insurance, motorcyclists can get to enjoy a No Claim Discount for keeping a record of not making a claim. Thus, being a safe driver every year, for five consecutive years, can lower the cost of your mandatory motorcycle insurance by up to 50%.

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