Not only cars do need to have motor insurance in order to drive around the roads of Singapore because two wheels are also required to have motorbike insurance.

10 Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

If comfort and convenience in traveling are what you are after, choose a car, but if you are looking for both fun and excitement while wandering, better prefer two wheels than a vehicle with four wheels. As a matter of fact, riding on a motorcycle allows you to easily access some of the narrow roads of Singapore, not to mention that you can also find a way out of the traffic with less hassle ─ provided that your motor vehicle is slender compared to cars.

On the other hand, owning and/or riding a motorcycle can be way more dangerous than a car. That is why safety precautions before and while driving a big bike are important, most especially for new car motorcycle owners.

In order to keep your riding fun and safe at the same time, here are some safety tips that could surely help. *Grab a pen and a paper and start listing down, riders!

1. Avoid spending long times alongside a car or other big vehicles on the road

Obviously, a motorcycle has nothing to brag about to other vehicles on the road when it comes to size. One of the essential things both new and old riders should always bear in mind is to never stay alongside a car or larger vehicles for the driver may not be able to see you even when you’re just behind them due to the fact that you are on the blind spot. So to prevent potential accidents of being on a blind spot, never get stuck between two large vehicles.

2. Don’t settle for low capacity bikes

There may be some riders who think low capacity bike (200cc) is better since they are just newbie in riding. While this can, in fact, benefit them when it comes to cost, it is not that recommended given that having a low capacity bike with basic brakes and thinner wheels have a high chance of being unable to prevent skid on a wet road. That being said, new motorcyclists should feed themselves with needed knowledge about what their bike can and cannot do in case of getting into an accident. Also, if possible, might as well upgrade to a 400cc bike which guarantees better performance.

3. Avoid lane split on narrow roads

Singapore has some roads that are narrow, which gives a notion of being quite risky. Given this, avoiding lane splitting, regardless of how much you want to overtake other passing vehicles can keep you safe even when driving on slim lanes.

4. Stay away from the fast lane

One of the obvious reasons why some prefer a ride on a motorcycle than to drive a car is because of adrenaline. Speaking of, this is likely to happen when you’re going on full speed on when taking a fast lane. However, being on a fast lane can also mean endangering yourself to possible road accidents. So if you can, better avoid the lane, in order to make sure you’ll be able to reach your destination without encountering unnecessary events on the road.

5. Do a pre-ride inspection

As a motorcycle owner and rider, it is important to know that the chain, belt, and shaft are the three main things that keep you moving, which is why checking these three, whether they are in good condition, is crucial. Before you hit the road and begin your journey, don’t forget to do a quick yet thorough bike inspection.

6. Wear the right gear

Since a motorcycle is an open type of motor vehicle, the chance of having injuries should you get into an accident is high. However, scratches, wound, and other possible physical damage can be prevented by wearing the right gear: full pants, a t-shirt, jacket, shoes, helmet, gloves, knee, and elbow pads, and other protective gear.

7. Avoid driving during bad weather

Although driving as the rain pours seems to be relaxing and dramatic at the same time, we can’t set aside the fact that it can be risky given that the road is slippery due to the oil residue. If you can avoid riding in the rain, in case very important errands that need to be settled, always be cautious about your every action, which includes avoiding sudden maneuvers.

8. Be watchful and defensive

Sometimes no matter how cautious you are in driving, road accidents can still happen. One of the top causes of such road catastrophe is distractive driving. Which is why, as a rider, being extra careful, watchful, and defensive for cars that might suddenly change lanes or pull out from side street ─ without giving any signal ─ is important.

9. Watch for road hazards

Wet leaves, sand, and pebbles can make a bike to slide unexpectedly while running over bumps and potholes can cause serious damage to both you and your motorcycle. That’s why slowing down and/or avoiding road hazards is vital.

10. Get the best motorcycle insurance

Not only cars do need to have motor insurance in order to drive around the roads of Singapore because two wheels are also required to have motorbike insurance. This type of insurance can be of big help when it comes to giving financial and health assistance should you get into an accident. In case you love riding a bike with your significant other, might as well get motorcycle insurance which will include your other half to the premium.

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