As a matter of fact, the Land Transport Authority in Singapore mandates having motor insurance to every driver.

8 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Keep You Out of Harm’s Way

Hearing and/or reading about motorcycle accidents seem to be a usual scenario these days. As a matter of fact, it is something that happens almost every day. Despite the bothersome news about accidents involving riders and motorcycles, still, there are a lot of people who are fascinated about having and riding on a two-wheeled vehicle. Because why not? Riding a motorcycle gives thrill and satisfaction at the same time, regardless of the danger that awaits on the road. It is important to take note that improper use of a motorcycle can be dangerous to both the motorcyclists and other road users (drivers and pedestrians).

In order not to make a motorcycle the reason for potential accidents, here are some safety tips that you should include in your list of must-dos every time you’re riding on a motorcycle.

1. Wear appropriate protective gear

In addition to the hot asphalt beneath your motorcycle, there is a lot of harm that you can encounter while you’re hitting the road like flying bugs and debris and/or chilly weather that can indeed affect your driving. In cases like these, wearing appropriate gear including full-face mask helmet, protective eyewear, tight-fitting gloves, jacket designed for riders, shoulder and elbow paddings, and a pair of comfy, non-skid shoes play an important role to keeping you safe on the road. Should you get involved in an accident, severity of injuries can be prevented, since the mentioned riding gears give you a layer of protection.

2. Get a thorough motorcycle check-up done before each ride

Instead of assuming about the condition of your motorcycle, it is a must to check your motorcycle to ensure a safe ride.

  • TIRES: If saving money is the main reason that holds you back from getting your bike a new tire, then you are like putting your own self in danger. It is better to let a hefty amount of money on quality tires than to spend twice or thrice as what a new and excellence tires cost.
  • LIGHTS: Make sure all the lights of your motorcycle are well-functioning from the headlight, taillight to the lights used in giving signals to road users.
  • BRAKES: Both the front and rear brakes are important, that is why you should run a brake test before riding on your motorcycle and hitting the road. Make sure that each brake is firm and holds the motorcycle still when the brake is fully applied.

3. Be mindful about blind spots

Provided that your wheels is literally small compare to the four-wheeled vehicles, not to mention the huge trucks and buses, you being at risk is obviously higher. Instead of confidently being close to the “giant” vehicles on the road, it is safer to keep a distance from them and always take in mind that the drivers of these large vehicles are not able to see you. It would be better to just stay behind them or ride up than to drive alongside large vehicles.

4. Avoid frequent changing of lanes

Whilst you think changing lanes can make you get to your destination a lot faster, this act can unknowingly give confusion to the drivers behind you and/or worse can result in accidents. So to avoid road mishaps from happening, better avoid changing lanes every now and then.

5. Don’t forget your motorcycle’s maintenance schedule

To keep your big bike looking good and working efficiently, regular maintenance is crucial. Although this may mean expenses, the money you let out of your pocket is nothing compared to the cost it will take you once your motorcycle get damaged due to poor maintenance.

6. Avoid committing traffic offenses

Violating traffic rules could not only lead to paying for a fine but, worst can put your life or other drivers, passenger, and/or pedestrian at risk, which is why it is crucial to driving defensively to avoid such accidents. As for the common traffic violations that should avoid, it includes over speeding, driving under the influence of drug/alcohol, tailgating, changing lanes without giving a signal, beating a red light, moving before the light turns green, overtaking, and the like.

7. Avoid taking the fast lane

Although driving fast than the usual speed limit requires might give the adrenaline rush that you want, we can’t set aside the fact of how dangerous it would be! So if you happen to be on a lane wherein the vehicles seem to be flying due to its speed, it is suggested to avoid taking that lane for it can be really dangerous, especially if you’re a type of rider who prefers smooth ride than an extreme one.

In addition, in case you spot a faster vehicle approaching right behind you, better give a signal to let the driver know you’re giving way.

8. Make sure you have motorcycle insurance

In addition to following the mentioned safety tips above, another important thing that will surely secure your safety while riding a bike is securing your motorbike insurance. As a matter of fact, the Land Transport Authority in Singapore mandates having motor insurance to every driver. In this way, you as well as the other drivers and passengers can be covered in case accidents happen.

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