As mandated by the Land Transportation Authority in Singapore, every vehicle needs to be insured. By having motorcycle insurance

7 Important Things Every Motorcyclist Should Remember for Safe Driving

If the thrill is what you’re looking for, you can have plenty of it when you opt to ride on a motorcycle than to drive a car. Though this is an absolute true, we can’t deny the fact that it can also be really terrifying, considering that motorcyclists are prone to risks than those who are inside a four-wheeled vehicle.

As a matter of fact, according to an online report of Straits Time, the mid-year traffic statistics by the Singapore Police Force illustrated a 1.9 percent increased to the total number of accidents involving motorcyclists in the first half of 2018; from 2,176 in 2017 to 2,216 in 2018. Though this may sound alarming, there are still people who disregard this and still choose motorcycles over cars, considering that accidents may perpetually happen regardless of the vehicle they’re driving or riding. And while there’s no way to change the fact that motorcycles entail danger, you (as a motorcyclist) can somehow prevent it from happening and keep yourself safe with a simple yet relevant checklist.

1. Putting all the protective gears on!

Although it looks cool and great to just hop on your big bike and hit the road like a leading man on movies does, it doesn’t apply in reality. As a rider, one of the things that you should not forget before hitting the road, it makes sure you have put on all the gears for safe driving. And by this, it means having a jacket for wind and heat protection, gloves for a proper grip, helmet to secure your head, and shoes! By wearing all these protective gears, injuries can be minimized in case you get involved in an accident.

2. Get the right footwear

While a driver of a four-wheeled vehicle can go on a road trip even on his or her flip-flops or sandals, it is important to note that it is the other way around when it comes to being a rider. Yes, choosing the proper footwear, which is made for riding, is indeed important for the right pair of shoes is responsible for giving you a better grip to balance your motorcycle.

3. Avoid wearing all black

Admit it or not, seeing someone riding on a big bike with a black leather jacket on is undeniably cool, right? Yes, it is! But matching it to a black motorcycle, black helmet, and other accessories that are black in color is not cool. As a matter of fact, it is not safe especially when you are driving at night, provided that other drivers might not see you. For safe driving, it is recommended to wear bright colors which can make you visible on the road and to give other drivers a signal.

4. Stay away from blind spots

The road is packed with a variety of vehicles and your two-wheels is just relative small in size compared to four-wheelers, not to mention the trucks with more than four wheels. That’s driving cautiously is very important especially if you are surrounded by bigger vehicles. Also, provided the fact that the vehicle you are riding is out-sized, keeping a good distance from other vehicles without trying to sneak or speeding past them is a great way to keep yourself safe on the road.

5. Make sure you are well-rested

One of the reasons some riders and drivers get involved in road accidents is the fact that they are sleep deprived. Just imagine yourself going to work without a night of proper sleep and rest; can you be able to perform your tasks and duty? NOT! The same thing applies to ride on a bike without getting enough sleep. Remember that accidents can happen in just a blink or wink of an eye. So if you are tired, sleepy, or not feeling well, might as well not drive.

6. Inspect your bike

Inspecting your bike before hitting the road is one of the musts as a rider. Making sure that your motorcycle is in good condition contributes to the quality of ride you’ll have. When reviewing your vehicle before every ride, here’s what you need to ensure:

  • Tires: Make sure they are properly inflated before you hit the road is vital.
  • Brakes: For a more pleasant and comfortable stop, ensure that the front and back pads are hitting the rims and not the tires.
  • Lights: In order to give signals to other drivers, make sure your lights are working properly before you leave.
  • Helmet: Since this piece of gear is responsible for protecting your head, making sure there are no cracks or dents on both the inner padding and outer shell is important.

7. Motor insurance is a must

As mandated by the Land Transportation Authority in Singapore, every vehicle needs to be insured. By having motorcycle insurance, you as a rider can ride your bike at ease, provided that this type of insurance makes you covered should you get involved in a road accident. However, since there are a lot of companies offering different kinds of motorbike insurance, choosing the right one providing all the policies you need is crucial. With this, Autoshield can help you quote among several insurance companies. You can reach us through our customer service hotline 6385 0777 or by sending SMS to 8588 9191, 8686 9991, 8688 9991, 8588 9991, 8866 9991, 8868 9991, 8668 9991.

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