In addition to food, water, personal items, first aid, and vehicle safety kits, another thing that you must include to your must-haves list is car insurance. Well, as ordered by the law, every car must be insured, so there’s no reason not to have one.

6 Must-Do’s and Have’s in Planning a Road Trip

Going on a trip need not be done only on summer or when there is a special occasion because you can also always have one whenever you get the chance; as long as your schedule allows you so. But we can’t disregard the fact that doing in on summer seems to be the best time for it is when most members of your family and friends are available. Not to mention that it is when plenty of activities can be enjoyed.

Speaking of a road trip, it’s everyone’s goal to make the most of the long-awaited trip, right? Yet, since not everything is under your control, we can’t set aside the possibilities there are things that might ruin what you’ve already planned. Despite having said that, here we’ve listed down some of the tips to that will help you achieve a smooth and a less hassle road trip.

1. Finalize your preferred destination

Although Singapore has a plethora of awesome travel destinations you can choose to go, we have to admit that a part of you wants to see a greener pasture. Don’t you? How about the neighboring country of Malaysia? Or that one destination running around your mind? Well, choosing and finalizing the target location for your road trip is quite challenging, but remember to consider the person or people you’ll be having a road trip with.

2. Get a detailed plan of your route

Once you’re done with picking the destination, go down to planning the route. By doing this, you can familiarize yourself, especially the driver, about the path you will be taking. You can also avoid entering or driving on traffic-prone area, which can definitely save your time.
In this point, determining the possible number of stops you want to make along the way, as well as the places you like to visit before reaching the destination should also be taken into consideration. Not to mention the fuel it will consume.

3. Prepare the car you will be using

Of course, road trips would not be possible without a car! That is why making sure the vehicle you’re going to use is ready plays a major role. By preparing your car, here are some key points to consider:

– Check the car oil level from time to time to determine whether there’s a need for oil top up.
– Protect your car’s engine by considering a tune-up, especially if it has been quite a while since the last.
– Ensure that your air conditioning system is functioning properly; it is important for keeping a comfortable temperature inside the car.
– Check the wear and tear of your tires. Remember that you cannot go farther unless your tires are in good shape, and by that we mean having tires that are not yet worn down.
– Check your engine drive belt and replace it when needed. By this, you can save your car from being towed once it just stopped while having a trip.
– Make sure your car’s lights and electrical equipment are working properly. Get a spare headlight bulb just in case one burns out in the middle of the trip.
– Inspect your car whether it has acid leaks or the headlights are getting dim. If the mentioned signs show, your car probably needs to have a battery replacement.

4. Familiarize with local laws

There are things which are legal to the state you live in that are outlawed to other countries. In this point, it is important to know the local laws of your destination in order to avoid unnecessary things. And since you’re up to road trip, might as well familiarize yourself about the meaning of every local sign you can see on the road.

5. Decide whether to drive your own or rent a car

Having your own vehicle for when having a nearby trip is absolutely perfect, but it is the other way around if you are planning to get overseas or when you want to go on a road trip with your extended party (and your vehicle can’t accommodate all of them). In cases like these, renting a car is seems to be the solution. However, there are some important matters to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing between driving your own vehicle and renting a car. Before making a decision between the two, it is suggested to think about all the pros and cons first.

6. Make sure to have the right car insurance

In addition to food, water, personal items, first aid, and vehicle safety kits, another thing that you must include to your must-haves list is car insurance. Well, as ordered by the law, every car must be insured, so there’s no reason not to have one.

But since we are talking about road trips, checking your car insurance in order to know if you need to get added policies to cover your trip is a must. By doing so, you can have peace of mind in case unfortunate things happen.

In addition to getting the best car insurance is making sure that you carry your travel insurance at the same time. In case you don’t have yet, Autoshield can walk you through by reaching us through our customer service hotline 6385 0777 or by sending SMS to 8588 9191, 8686 9991, 8688 9991, 8588 9991, 8866 9991, 8868 9991, 8668 9991.

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