the best travel insurance in Singapore can already protect your trip, it is still important to know that most travel insurance coverage limit can be low.

Why Rental Car Coverage should be Included in Your Travel Insurance Plan?

When traveling, renting a car is absolutely is more practical than having someone to drive for you. In this case, you can be able to explore the places that are included in your itinerary; according to your preferred time. However, there are cases wherein renting a car and driving for yourself is not as safe as you imagined it to be, considering that you are doing it in a foreign land. There might be instances wherein you will be caught in a situation that puts you and the car you rented at stake, say you get involved in a car accident. And since you’re overseas the motor insurance you have can’t cover you and the car you pay for rent, given that the motor insurance follows the car that is insured and not you (the driver). In this point, getting a travel insurance plan that has coverage for rental car plays a vital role.

What is rental car insurance?
It is a type of travel insurance that centers on the financial possibilities that are due to a traffic accident or collision and covers repair costs. It also includes travel support services like roadside assistance while on a covered trip.

What does it cover?
There are plenty of things that can go wrong while you are driving in a foreign country. And while getting the best travel insurance in Singapore can already protect your trip, it is still important to know that most travel insurance coverage limit can be low. Whilst there are many travel plans that offer injury or property damage to third parties such as damaged vehicles, injured passenger or pedestrian, liability to third parties that include rental car accidents in foreign countries are excluded in some insurers. Which is why having an upgrade with a comprehensive car rental insurance coverage is much better. In addition, it should never be disregarded that driving a car exposes an individual to a higher possibility of crime, say having the car windscreen smashed while it is being parked. With comprehensive car rental coverage, it can cover both rental damages and loses that is due to the collision, windstorm, fire, hail, flood, vandalism, or if it is stolen while in your possession.

Car hire excess protection
There will be chances whereas you will be offered a wide range of insurance products when getting a rental car, including theft insurance and personal accident insurance. While these are considered to give extra assurance when driving a vehicle you rented in a foreign country, choosing the travel insurance plan with a car hire excess protection is an absolute must. The said coverage plays an essential role when it comes to waiving the excess amount that in case an accident involving a rental vehicle occurs.

What are the other or common types of rental car insurance you might need?
If you have plans to travel abroad and considering the idea of renting a car, it is important to be aware of the common rental car insurance plans offered by many trusted rental companies that will save from the hassles.

Third party liability coverage which covers against third-party bodily injury, death, and damage to property.
Collision damage waiver which guarantees that you will not be held accountable for losses in case the rental car gets damaged.
Personal accident insurance which shoulders your medical bills should you get in an accident that involves the rental car.
Theft insurance which ensures that the rental company will not go after you should the car you hired get stolen.

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