Aside from gadgets like the latest model of mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, and whatnot, having and driving a car is another factor

A Parent’s Guide: How to Save Once Your Teen Starts Driving

Aside from gadgets like the latest model of mobile phone, iPad, tablet, laptop, and whatnot, having and driving a car is another factor that would make a teen happy. Considering this fact, you as a parent who wants to do and give everything for your son or daughter would need a lot of time to think. Of course, you will, especially when your child already has his/her driver’s license.

So, you are decided to grant your teen’s wish? In line with the purchase of a car, regardless if it’s new or used, comes the car insurance in Singapore. It is important to take note that including your teen to your car insurance policy means boosting your premiums; however, there are ways which can help in keeping the rates low. Here are some tips:

1. Enroll your teen to an excellent driver’s training program/school
Being in teen years is the period that exploring new things is more important than any other stuff. On the other hand, as per the statistics, young drivers (who are on their teen years) are more prone to risk than of drivers aging 20 and older. With this, it would be a smart move to invest and have your teen enrolled in an excellent driver’s training program or school.
2. Good Student discount
Rewarding your child a car for excelling in academics? Did you know that your teen can get a discount through having high grades at school? Well, YES! As a matter of fact, the higher grades are, the lower the premiums will be. What you need to do now is find a private car insurance provider in Singapore offering a good-student discount to teens with at least a “B” average.
3. Practice your teen to safe driving
Teens can be impulsive at times which lead them to disasters. Once your child had his/her driver’s license and about to enjoy rides with friends, it is important to practice him/her to safe driving. By doing so, you are not only saving yourself to such problems in case he/she gets involved in an accident, but there’s a reward waiting for your teens for keeping the roads safe! Being accident-free while driving result to lower premiums; so drive safely!
4. Allow the insurance provider to track your driving
In line with safety, driving is telematics devices, which many car insurance providers use to track the driving behavior of their clients. With the help of these plug-in pieces of equipment, the insurers can know how fast the person behind the steering wheel is driving and how hard the brakes are being hit.
5. Opt for a higher deductible or lower coverage
In addition to the Good Student discount, there are other discounts which are automatically offered by some car insurance providers in Singapore, like raising the deductible (which can surely lower the premium).
Just in case your teen gets into an accident, think twice before making a claim. It would be better to ask yourself first whether it is worthy to take a claim or will be more okay to shoulder the expenses so it will not affect your coverage.
6. Look for auto insurance provider with better rates
Before making decisions, be sure that you have look around for better deals. Since there are a lot of car insurance companies in Singapore, each insurer may have different discount programs from another. Given this,Autoshield  is open to help you have the get auto or travel insurance with the best policy through quoting and comparing some private car insurance in Singapore.
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