Having a car may be a dream-come-true to others, what more if you possess more than one vehicle? But what other people don’t know in being a multi-car owner

How to Save Money for Multi-Car Owners in Singapore

Having a car may be a dream-come-true to others, what more if you possess more than one vehicle? It would feel heaven for sure! But what other people don’t know in being a multi-car owner is the bigger expenses entailed, not only when it comes to fuel and maintenance but also in terms of having car insurance.

Admit it or not, money really matters, so if you want to cut the costs by owning two or more cars, here are tips and tricks you may want to consider.
1. Seek for a car insurance discount
The same thing goes when it comes to purchasing clothes other stuff: the more you buy the higher the discount they will be. In this case, the multi-car discount applies, which is one of the typical discounts for car insurance. The multi-car discount automatically applies when more than one auto on a single policy.
2. Combine the policies
You might be thinking if your second (or so forth) car will also be insured if your first car already has private car insurance considering the fact that each auto should have its own insurance in order to cover unnecessary losses or accidents. To answer the question, you can have combined the policies with one provider instead of having multiple insurance policies. By this option, you are not just making it easy to work with one carrier than of two or more but you are also entitling yourself with a discount.
3. Adjust your deductibles
This may sound unreal, especially to a first-time driver or car owner, but did you know that increasing your deductibles can help you save money? Well, yes! Because the higher the excess (deductibles) the lower the premium you car insurance provider will give.
4. Reduce your coverage
If you own an old car, you may want to consider whether you need to include them to your policy, since the value of the car you own is most likely the amount that you can reimburse through comprehensive and collision coverages. In addition, it is important to know that the need to insure the car varies on the age of the auto.
5. Pay by the mile
Every driver has his own reason for having a car. In line with this, there are even others who have a car which is being used as a means of transportation from home to work and has another car which is meant for weekend trips with the family or friends. In this case, you may want to consider paying for insurance by the mile.
6. Maintain your car’s condition
Making sure your car is in the right condition from time to time is very crucial, which also plays an important role in helping you save money. Check every part of the vehicle, regardless of how small or big that part is. If you think that there is a particular thing that needs to be replaced, do it immediately before the issue gets worse.
7. Drive Safely
Aside from the fact that being a safe driver will not lead you to such expenses, it can actually allow you to enjoy discount─No Claim Discount (NCD). So in order to lower the premiums you currently have, try not to make a claim in a year. You can also ask your provider to monitor your driving habits.
Whether you’re a driver with more than one car who looks for an ideal car insurance provider or someone who are up to the best travel insurance in Singapore, Autoshield is here to help you quote and compare several insurance carriers! You can reach us via our customer service hotline 6385 0777 or you may send us SMS to 8588 1688, 8588 9191, 8686 9991, 8688 9991, 8588 9991, 8866 9991, 8868 9991, 8668 9991.

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