Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Driving through Flood

While being stuck in heavy traffic, especially when you’re trying to make it to an important client meeting can be a nightmare to most drivers, driving while an unexpected intense rainfall occurs is a different dilemma. Not only this will consume your time but it will also test your patience and skills, considering the fact that going through floods can be really risky.
So, here are some safety tips you may apply when driving in rain and wet weather:

1. Avoid the floods and look for an alternative route.
In this case, you need to be extra keen when it comes to inspecting the roadway you’re heading to. If it appears to be flooded, might as well turn around and look for an alternative route instead of insisting to drive through.
2. Pay attention to barricades.
If you see barricades that are blocking a flooded area, it is highly suggested not to drive around them because apparently, the road is closed for some reasons.
3. Do not try to drive through standing water on roads.
Insisting to drive through the area that is covered with water can potentially cause damage to your engine.
4. Keep the revs up.
Keeping the revs up is like preventing the water away from entering the exhaust pipe and it maintains the car engine running.
5. Stay at the highest part of the road.
In the worst case scenario, wherein you can’t restart your car, it is recommended to abandon the vehicle at the highest ground, especially if you’re trapped in an area with rising water.

If by chance something happened to your car while driving through the floods, let it be known by your car insurance provider. Also, if you want to save yourself from a headache caused by unnecessary situations while on a trip, might as well apply for the best travel insurance in Singapore.
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