No one can ever predict when a road accident will happen. It can be due to careless driving, road rage, and other factors.

Enjoy Wonderful and Carefree Ride with Car Insurance

No one can ever predict when a road accident will happen. It can be due to careless driving, road rage, and other factors. That is why taking extra care while on the road, whether you are riding solo or on a weekend ride with your dear ones, is truly a must. So is in getting car insurance.

Private car insurance is something that does not only protect the auto but the person behind the navigation wheel, its passengers and other drivers, too. With this, a safe and wonderful ride is not impossible to happen.

On the other hand, applying for car insurance is not just like buying a piece of appliance for your home, it is more complex that it needs full perceptive, and not just a partial understanding. Because you, as a driver and the car possessor, the same as with the other people who will ride the car are the ones to benefit and will be put at stake. So, before you sign up for one, it is best to research regarding the best car insurance provider in the country or state you live in and also look for the one suitable for you and your car!

One of the things that must be taken into consideration is the coverage of the insurance. As a wise car owner, it is great to check out the things that are and not included in the premium you will apply.

A basic auto insurance policy includes the following:

Bodily Injury Liability
When you met an accident, you cannot spare yourself to get hurt, but you can save yourself from expenses with the help of the coverage of your car insurance. Just like applying for auto insurance which covers bodily injury liability, which applies to injuries that you (driver or policyholder) that have caused to someone else. Also, despite there is minimum liability insurance, it is suggested to get more than what your state demands.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Akin to medical coverage, however, this one offers extra protection since it [PIP] pays out for the expenses caused by the injury including the loss of income and rehabilitation charges.
Comprehensive Coverage
This coverage covers any physical damage claim which does not include a collision, such as damage to the windshield, fire, theft, vandalism, detriment caused by flood, harm due to contacts with animals like birds or deer.
Opposite to the mentioned comprehensive coverage, this one pays for the damage to your automobile caused by a clash with another car, and even objects like trees and whatnot.
Third Party Coverage
Through this type of coverage, the driver or the policyholder protects your legal liability for any third party injury or property damage.

Contrary to the things covered by basic private car insurance, here are some of the ‘not covered’:
Unauthorized Driver
When your car gets involved in an accident which is driven by a person who is not an authorized driver, it will not be covered by the car insurance.
Unlicensed Driver
A person driving the auto who has a suspended license or one who does not have any is excluded from car insurance.
War, Terrorism (other related incidents)
The car insurance does not cover loss or damage related by war, an act of terrorism and so on…
As for travel insurance, it is also as vital as getting your auto insured, as it will save you from a headache caused by unnecessary situations while on a trip.

If you’re looking for a guide in quoting for the best insurance for your car, Autoshield can lend a hand. Just reach us through our customer care service hotline at 6385 0777 or contact us via SMS at 8588 1688, 8588 9191, 8686 9991, 8688 9991, 8588 9991, 8866 9991, 8868 9991, 8668 9991.

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